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    Question Possibly fried my PCIE slot by putting in "new" GPU?

    Friend's R9 390 Sapphire stopped working after he dropped his PC by kicking it accidentally, had black screen issues before that too and now GPU doesn't even start when he powers on his PC I took a look at it and found out that a Resistor was fried and that is apparently a common issue with...
  2. R

    PSVR 2 Headset Cable is broken

    Hello there, Recently today my PSVR 2 Headset ( Latest Model ) cable which connects to processor unit got cut into 2 pieces and there is no support from Sony as this is an imported product from the USA. As said by other peoples who are facing the same issue like this that even if Sony agree to...
  3. O

    Gurus come forth! and help me fix this PSU transformer!

    Ok Hi there everyone! I am a brand spankin new member here first time posting! wrote it like a story so read it for entertainment first, secondly to help me out of my predicament! ill cut to the chase! I broke one of the outer winding wires on a transformer in my PSU, and want advice on how to...
  4. flexy

    Soldering headset wires (Tips needed)

    I am not a newb when it comes to DIY and I do electronics stuff incl. soldering since...well since I can think. I don't remember ever having this problem. The problem is in particular fixing *'**/!%%!" headset wires. Since we have cats, I fix on avg. 400 headsets per week since they chew...