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    Question Which Operating System you like the most?

    I'm doing my research on what people like about operating systems and which is best in terms of performance. Kindly share your Thought about each operating system you people are using and what you like the most in terms of performance, features, security and others.
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    Odd Solaris/Napp-it issue

    I believe this to be either a Solaris or hardware issue, but including napp-it just in case. Plus to help summon gea. :) I've got two Solaris 11.3 boxes running Napp-it Pro (January build). One is a physical box, the other a VM. Physical box replicates to VM. Outside of that...
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    ZFS Pool ZIL dying killed entire server?

    Well, I've had my first bad(ish) experience with ZFS and I'm a bit perplexed why it went bad. First off let me say I'm operating under the assumption it's my fault. I also have the box backed up so worst case I could have blown it out and rebuilt it but I'm trying to understand what went wrong...