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  1. Fanatical Meat

    Another Lawyer got tired of "winning"

    irreconcilable differences making it impossible to effectively and properly represent the former President.
  2. Fanatical Meat

    So. Much. Winning!!!!!!

    That’s it is actually a failure. Presidents team are hard at work explaining the loss in court to make the President a second term President. highlights:
  3. Fanatical Meat

    Alex Jones, so much winning!!!

    Is Alex tired of winning yet?
  4. Fanatical Meat

    ICE Raids net..... Anyone tired of winning yet?

    Basically the weekends ICE raids were completely ineffective because the President couldn’t keep his mouth shut and wanted to act like a tough buy. Hundreds to thousands worked extra time with what I assume is an extra cost to catch 35 people of the 2000 targeted. A 1.75% success (close) rate is...
  5. Fanatical Meat

    Leaked Trump Whitehouse vetting files

    Heard on the radio, didn’t read this link but there is some funny stuff about “prone to mismanagement” or “this guy opposes torture” or “she said people should wear diapers to avoid using a restroom with a trans”...
  6. Fanatical Meat

    Someone is tired of winning, President accuses SNL of

    Working with Russia, along with the Democrats. Maybe the FCC should look into this.