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  1. FlameTail

    Question Multi Threading on Apple Firestorm ?

    Apple Firestorm core in the M1 does not have Simultaneous Multi Threading. I was wondering, [1] What effect will be there if SMT is implemented to a future successor of the Firestorm ? Obviously, it seems that the Firestorm core has not been designed for SMT to work optimally. The Firestorm...
  2. superstition

    Does an 8/8 Zen "Summit Ridge" SKU make good sense?

    The current rumor has 8/16, 6/12, and 4/8 — no 8/8 to be found. Wouldn't 8/8 be more optimal for an enthusiast than 8/16 or 6/12 — since real core threads are more efficient than SMT threads and having so many is a pain for overclocking (16 or 12 instances of MemTest HCL, 16 or 12 Prime threads...