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  1. R

    Ideal display size?

    To me, the 6.7 inch screen size smartphone manufacturers have settled to seems a bit too big. I realize this might be the trend because a lot of individuals use phones as the primary device for media consumption and as such, display size becomes more important. Since I use my laptop most of...
  2. M

    Question Most ideal external storage for multimedia files ?

    I have an android smartphone with USB 3.1 v2 (1GB/s). Don't have laptop or PC. What is the most ideal external storage and most suitable for storing multimedia files from android smartphone (USB 3.1 v2) ?
  3. N

    Question Nokia 2.2 / Kernel Architecture

    Hi everyone! I'm hoping that someone here can confirm the kernel architecture of the Android system in the Nokia 2.2 phone. I need to know for sure if it is 32-bit or 64-bit (AArch64) compatible. From browsing the Geekbench 5 results on their website, it looks to be AArch64 but I would really...
  4. EXCellR8

    DisplayPort Alternate Mode (LG V30)

    I was away this past weekend and wanted to view some Amazon Prime video on a hotel TV, a modern Samsung 50" LED smart TV. I know that I can stream wirelessly using direct wi-fi, which is certainly usable, but the quality suffers a bit even if the phone is within 15 feet of the TV. I mean, it's...
  5. T

    Can't access from my smartphone

    Hi Can't access from my smartphone (Android 4.3, no upgrade without root). Other sites access OK, as well as from my home PC (same IP). I didn't install any app or launcher recently (at least a few months) and never had such problem. I tried different browsers...
  6. T

    I think a pin inside my headphone socket is broken [Oneplus 2]

    So, I noticed the problem today, putting my headphone plug into the jack, it didn't fully go in, I thought there was some fluff or lint in there until I looked in there with another phone's camera. Now I think a pin on the inside is broken Picture The headphones still work but it keeps coming...