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    Liberals want to abolish the senate now.
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    Threats of Violence Against ICE Yelling at people related to ICE, "I know where your kids live" and other threats. This is not the way to get change, this is how people get polarized, how we become further divided. I really worry for the...
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    Pilot program at the border finds nearly 1/3 of suspected fraudulent "families" at southern border are made up of members that are not related.
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    Nashville church shooter wanted to kill a minimum of 10 white churchgoers. I don't remember this story, it probably didn't get much time on the major news sites since it didn't fit their narrative. Will this be counted as a hate crime?. Throw the...
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    Trump congratulates second overall draft pick Nick Bosa.

    I saw Trump's message on my FB feed this morning, loved it. :D Bosa had to...
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    Should convicted locked up terrorists have the right to vote?

    In their ever increasing in speed push left of common sense, at least one leading leftist politician is claiming that even convicted terrorists in prison should be allowed to vote. I could be open to this for certain crimes, but for the most part I'm fine with the right to vote being suspended...
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    599 shot in Chicago YTD. Must be that white nationalist threat I hear so much about here. Wait scratch that... Good site to keep up on the violence in Democrat stronghold Chicago. I hear on this forum how white nationalism is potentially the biggest threat we face today. How many of those shootings do you believe were white nationalists?
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    Maxine Waters, chair of the Finance Committee, tries to blame banks for student loan debt. Doesn't seem to realize Obama nationalized in 2010.

    I love how she abruptly ends the line of questioning once she realized how dumb her questions are (yes, there is a such thing as dumb questions). She obviously had no idea that the government has been in charge of student loans, aka she is part of the problem. I haven't seen a politician this...
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    Trump up to 50% approval with Hispanic voters.

    This is so refreshing. Minorities are starting to rebel against leftist racist policies and embrace equality for society, not hysterics, privilege and manufactured boogeymen. Not everyone wants to be put into a container and told by the left that they cannot make it because they are victims...
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    34% of those that attended Trump's rally in Michigan were Democrats

    Looks like more people are seeing the light. Trump is GOOD for America, despite the left's nonstop smear campaign. I myself was against him at first, but clearly he is putting America first and the country is doing great with him in office. Could even more traditionally Democrat states flip...
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    The Obama-DOJ ordered FBI not to pursue charges against Hillary

    Hillary was clearly in violation of the law, but the Obama-DOJ pushed the FBI to not pursue charges. Crazy how much corruption there was before Trump. Another example of the left protecting their own, the powerful protecting their powerful friends. Laws being selectively applied here. Please...
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    For one minute into 2019, there were no gun-related arrests. Then 12:02AM came. First illegal gun arrest at 12:02AM. For one minute there was no gun crime in Chicago in 2019. 540...
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    Nine year old black girl is bullied with racist taunts from classmates, hangs herself.
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    If one chooses for themselves to not date a trans person, is that trans-phobic?

    I guess liberal types are arguing that if one chooses not to date a trans person, just not their cup of tea, that is trans-phobic. I don't agree. I think everyone has a right to association and can choose who to pursue a sexual partnership or not pursue such a relationship with. But simply...
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    Paris is Experiencing Violent Economic Protests, Meanwhile in London some protesters chant "We want Trump!"

    Guess the Paris agreement isn't working out so well for Paris. The people are rebelling against global elitist leftists. Love seeing people waking up to realize overly left bullshit is just that... Bullshit. Hundreds arrested, thousands protesting. The left is out of touch...
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    The offended liberal scroll - Holiday Edition

    Charlie Brown is racist: Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer is abusive, bigoted, and sexist:
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    Something to unify us in troubling times.

    People Might Stop Saying Phrases Like 'Bringing Home the Bacon' Thanks to Vegans, Says Scholar Let us all gather together during this holiday season and push back against tyranny.