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    Pilot program at the border finds nearly 1/3 of suspected fraudulent "families" at southern border are made up of members that are not related.
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    Nashville church shooter wanted to kill a minimum of 10 white churchgoers. I don't remember this story, it probably didn't get much time on the major news sites since it didn't fit their narrative. Will this be counted as a hate crime?. Throw the...
  3. SlowSpyder

    Study finds Trump has made America LESS racist. The study. Just goes to show, Trump is good for America in more ways than one. If we could just get the left to stop manufacturing faux racism at every opportunity and stop embracing racist policy like affirmative action, maybe we could...
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    Militia defends America's borders from invaders. "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a...
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    Candace Owens calls it like it is, rips Democrats in House Judiciary Committee Hearing. White nationalist hate crimes are NOT increasing.

    I've been saying it for a while here, the left are the dividers and real racists today. It used to be only the GOP was good at creating a boogeyman and using the fear for votes, today the Democrats are far better at it. Highlights: 1:20 - KKK are Democrats 1:50 - She isn't useful to the...
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    Millie Weaver of InfoWars schedules an abortion consultation at 38 weeks pregnant on Youtube

    I don't really get too much into the abortion battle, its not my fight. I think both sides have some validity, early on I don't believe we are dealing with a "human being" just because of conception. But somewhere along the line of the gestation period. let's face it, that is a viable human...
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    For one minute into 2019, there were no gun-related arrests. Then 12:02AM came. First illegal gun arrest at 12:02AM. For one minute there was no gun crime in Chicago in 2019. 540...
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    Nine year old black girl is bullied with racist taunts from classmates, hangs herself.