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  1. TurtleCrusher

    Would you like to go back to slot CPUs?

    With the reemergence of low TDP chips coming back into style, cooling a modern processor doesn't require much these days. The simplicity of swapping out CPUs would lead to more CPU sales in comparison to motherboards as people could upgrade far easier. Reusing motherboards with newer generations...
  2. F

    What happens if one puts a PCI-e x4 card into an x16 slot that's only connected to 4 PCI-e lanes?

    Can the card use ALL of the bandwidth available to the slot, or is that only possible for a full x16 card? I know that a x16 card in an x16 slot @ x4 speed is going to get the full x4 speed, but is the same true for an x4 card in an x16 slot @ x4 speed? I'm thinking about using a PCI-e x4...
  3. D

    Asus maximus V gene 1 ram slot not working

    My all slots were functional,but after installation of new hyper 212 x CPU cooler, I found out that the last memory slot is not working rest 3 works fine. Can someone help me with the issue? Thanks.