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  1. SlowSpyder

    If one chooses for themselves to not date a trans person, is that trans-phobic?

    I guess liberal types are arguing that if one chooses not to date a trans person, just not their cup of tea, that is trans-phobic. I don't agree. I think everyone has a right to association and can choose who to pursue a sexual partnership or not pursue such a relationship with. But simply...
  2. SlowSpyder

    Paris is Experiencing Violent Economic Protests, Meanwhile in London some protesters chant "We want Trump!"

    Guess the Paris agreement isn't working out so well for Paris. The people are rebelling against global elitist leftists. Love seeing people waking up to realize overly left bullshit is just that... Bullshit. Hundreds arrested, thousands protesting. The left is out of touch...
  3. SlowSpyder

    2014 study: 63% of non-citizen households used welfare programs. 50% of those are illegals.

    The number jumps UP to 70% if the non-citizen household has been here for 10 years or more. We simply cannot afford to be the world's piggy bank for people that come here not to contribute, but to suck up resources. And 50% of that 63-70% are ILLEGALS that shouldn't be here at all. BUILD THE...