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  1. J

    Question Question 2015 13" MacBook Pro Kernel Panics when waking from sleep

    For some reason when I wake my Mac from sleep the screen is black and none of the buttons work. Eventually, I get to the "your computer has restarted because of a problem" then I press any key to resume startup. Does anybody know why this might be happening? I have a link to the log here...
  2. J

    Motherboard seems to not support wake on USB keyboard/mouse

    I have Asus Prime Z370-A and it seems that it may not support waking up a computer on sleep by USB mouse/keyboard (and there is no PS/2 port so that's not an option either). This USB wake feature seems to be not really documented, which is terrible. This is one of the most important features to...
  3. C

    Does the G.Skill Trident Z RGB lighting automatically turn off in sleep mode?

    Hi, I have the Trident Z RGB RAM, and I was wondering if there was a way to make it so the ram lighting would automatically turn off when I put my computer in sleep mode without having to manually turn it off via the Asus Aura software.
  4. psolord

    What is waking up my HDD(s)?

    Hello. So I have many HDDs in my system and since I do most of my jobs with my SSDs, I have set the HDDs to sleep after 20mins, both for energy saving and HDD life improvement. However during the day, I hear many spin ups, which is not good for the life of the HDDs. Not all of them spin up of...
  5. C

    [Solved] Monitor goes to power saving mode (sleep) within 5 minutes of gaming

    Happens when I try to play Overwatch, Metro LL and Witcher 3 (sometimes it makes a clicky noise when monitor goes to sleep sometimes it doesn't). Does not happen when I'm just web browsing and watching youtube videos. Specs: i7 4770k @4.1Ghz, GTX 980Ti (110% power limit but not manually...
  6. T

    Windows Explorer hanging after waking laptop from sleep.

    For a few weeks now, I noticed that whenever I wake my laptop from sleep, it will freeze with the Windows 10 start screen displayed on screen. The taskbar and all desktop icons are totally unresponsive as well. Ctrl-Alt-Delete somehow works. After some trial and error, I figured out that...
  7. Chaotic42

    Poll: How much sleep do you need?

    In general if I get fewer than 10 hours per night, I'm cranky. I'll usually sleep 12-20 on Friday night and 12-14 on Saturday night. I've been like this all my life. It sucks. How about you?