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  1. FlameTail

    Discussion Do you think the M-chip in the Mac Pro will have a soldered CPU ?

    Apple announced in it's 2020 WWDC that wit will transition all Macs to Apple Silicon within 2 years. Now it's 2022 and 2 years have almost passed. The rumor mill is suggesting that Apple will delay completing their transition- There are 2 more devices for Apple Silicon to be implemented- the...
  2. FlameTail

    Discussion Intel Foveros, 3D stacking and the future.

    Not only Intel but many other companies are working 3D/ vertical stacking of silicon chips, to potentially 'revive' Moore's Law...
  3. G

    Apple A 12 - Tick or Tock ?

    Hello comunity, I think all of you are familiar with intel’s tick tock strategy for CPU releases. I think we could identify a similar pattern with Apple SoC which became quite a topic over last few years. I see this as ticks being focused on energy efficiency and die size on even A chips...
  4. bob4432

    Is 10/14nm the max for silicon? Where do we go from here? The end of Moore's Law?

    I will preface this question that I have been into computers pretty heavily from 1995 to about 2010 when I went into embedded systems and the design of multirotor flight controllers as they switched from 8bit to 32bit. Now, in 2017, back to computers and I am reading and seeing 10/14nm a...