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  1. andres191

    Question Pc Shutting Down Randomly While Playing Games

    I apologies for my English. I'm not sure if this is the correct section, sorry if not. The PC was working fine until a few months ago. I go on to explain the problem. PC Specifications: CPU: Intel Core I3-9100F Motherboard: Gigabyte H310M-H 2.0 Graphics processor: ASUS Radeon RX 560 2Gb...
  2. F

    How to diagnose shutdowns after ~1 minute?

    Barebone: Shuttle K48 CPU: Intel Pentium E5300 Cooler: Stock Intel from box No overlocking, CMOS and BIOS reset to defaults This PC has been running fine for many _many_ years, until suddenly last week it had a freeze and failed to reboot. I suspected (hoped) it was just a RAM failure, as it...
  3. B

    Question Total system shutdown in bios???

    Hello I'm totally stuck. Im running windows 10 on an asus m2n32-sli with a amd phenom II x4 820, and a amd rx 570. I know, I have some older hardware... the system runs great, except when I enter the bios. Once I enter the bios I have maybe 5-20 seconds before the entire system shuts down...
  4. B

    New Ryzen Build Issues, Please Help!!!

    My pc shuts down randomly while playing games. first freezing, then the game will come back for a few minutes, then the computer will shut down. None of the parts I’ve RMA’d have helped the issue, i recently put the power setting to high performance, and i can get a few hours of gameplay now...
  5. S

    Computer shutting down during gameplay (possible overheat?)

    Hello all, Recently my computer started shutting down during gameplay. It isn't the most demanding game (DotA 2), but it happens only when I play it. Less demanding games and everyday Windows use works normally. After 5-10 minutes, computer will turn on itself and go into Windows with no...