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  1. R

    Scam Crime

    Jérome Kerviel He is considered the architect of the biggest fraud in history, causing losses to Société Générale (one of the largest banks in Europe) equivalent to 4,900 million euros. This resulted in a financial imbalance that sent markets tumbling across all continents. Throughout 2007...
  2. BenJeremy

    X299 motherboards and the VROC scam

    So my BIL bought a Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 7 motherboard ($400!!) because it advertised 3X M.2 RAID. His plan was to buy 3 512gb Samsung 960 Pro nvme sticks and RAID0 them as a boot drive. I have something similar working great on my own Gigabyte Z170X Gaming 5 motherboard (using 2x Plextor...
  3. superstition

    We need to be fair to poor people by blocking them from profit

    This is the new messaging from the utility companies concerning solar power. They just don't say it this way. They say, instead, that individuals' solar power (typically rooftop) is unfair to poor people because only wealthy people can afford to buy into it. That sounds awfully sweet — rich...
  4. superstition

    "Both" parties created "Obamacare" — in cahoots

    An excellent summary I found in a comments section elsewhere: Obamacare is a misnomer since the GOP did its part to make it what it is. Obama made a deal with the industry at the start of the process to give them everything they want. What they wanted is no single-payer, no public option, and...