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  1. vishnumvn

    Intel 8350k or RYZEN 1500x

    I am confused on buying CPU 8350k or ryzen 1500x. My work will be moderate gaming and lots of coding with Visual studio and android development. And little bit of photoshop and illustrator. currently i dont own a graphics card.. My budget is around 50,000(INR) Thanks in advance.
  2. Viddyvane

    The AnandTech Ryzen Processor Giveaway!

    Happy Holidays AnandTech! As we wrap up with the busiest time of the year, our team wanted to take a moment to keep on with the giving of the season. This week we're not just giving away one, but three Ryzen processor chips! This giveaway will be running from 12 pm December 4th to 12 pm...