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    Question 7750 SR - Alcatel

    Hello, I was curious if anyone has any tips on command reference for things like checking sub-interface creation, VLAN creation/assignment, etc... for an Alcatel 7750 router. I know fumbling my way through that show port "x" will show port details, I have found how to display the config in...
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    Extending WIFI range

    Hi all, I live in a duplex home. The ethernet cable from the service provider is connected to the DIR 816 dual band router which supports 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz and it is placed in the first floor. Both bands are active. Sadly, my room in ground floor don't receive good wifi signal. So I installed...
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    Dynamic routes

    Hi. I've just got a new job as a testing engineer. In short, I test the functionality of routers and I don't exactly know how to test dynamic routes. My goal: to set up a simulation of a scenario where dynamic routing is used on a RUT950 router and to see whether it works or doesn't. Can anyone...
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    Cox 150 MBPS - Modem and Router question

    I had Cox 50 MBPS connected to Arris SB 6121 modem and Linksys E4200 router. Mine is a 2 story home. Was getting 50-60 mbps on both the floors. Now Cox bumped my speed to 150 MBPS. But I get only 100 upstairs and downstairs. I have not tested by connecting the modem directly to laptop and...