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  1. Beraid

    Question Android Go on an Old Phone?

    I have an LG Leon LTE from 2014 with only 1GB of RAM. If I do too much web browsing it's not unusual to run into a low memory error such as "unable to complete the previous operation due to low memory". Is it possible to install Android Go on this device and would it even be worth it? Not having...
  2. bob4432

    Need some Cell Phone ADVICE!! AT&T is not taking care of business!

    I have been using AT&T cellular for years (probably 15+) and have a simple plan - 2 unlocked Galaxy S5s (SM-G900T) + 1 OldSkool Dumb phone w/ txting only (MIL who cannot control herself from gambling and doing anything to get rid of her $$ as fast as possible). This is on a paltry 1GB/Mo shared...