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  1. J

    Motherboard seems to not support wake on USB keyboard/mouse

    I have Asus Prime Z370-A and it seems that it may not support waking up a computer on sleep by USB mouse/keyboard (and there is no PS/2 port so that's not an option either). This USB wake feature seems to be not really documented, which is terrible. This is one of the most important features to...
  2. mcurphy

    Seeking Resume Advice

    Are there any HR managers, or other hiring managers available that wouldn't mind reviewing a resume for my friend? She is seeking a career move into something else...possibly customer service, HR assistant, or some other field relevant to her experience. Any help or advice would be greatly...
  3. Comdrpopnfresh

    802.11 on Windows... Is the stack fat?

    On all of the Windows based machines I've had with a wireless adapter, the WiFi is the slowest thing on resume. Is the Windows 10 stack bloated? I'm also wondering it realtek isn't the problem- that maybe their software is not optimized for attaining a connection from resume. BT and everything...