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Forum discussion tagged with repair.
  1. S

    Is it safe to remove a ceiling tile in an apartment building? 🏢

    Greetings all! Is it safe to remove a "hanging ceiling tile" in an apt building - I'm concerned with possible gases/toxins in the air above them. It's the same tiles you find in your non-telework office. Above them is just empty space of the multi-apt building, with some dust. It's not...
  2. EXCellR8

    Recommend a Welder for Home Exhaust Repairs?

    Disclaimer: I'm not big into welding but I'm looking for a solid machine that can perform quick beads for mainly DIY exhaust repairs--mild and stainless steel. Of course the machine will only be as good as I can weld but I don't really need anything that I can use to create those gorgeous tight...
  3. petrusbroder

    Technical question

    One of my computers does not start anymore. It has a Gigabyte mobo, socket 1156, with a i7-860, 8 GByte RAM. I've tested it w/o connected hard drives, with only one stick of RAM (2GBytes), GPU and Keyboard - the same symptoms as when fully equipped. When I power up, it works OK for 2 - 3...
  4. Z

    GPU Repair Services?

    Out of warranty, EVGA 1070 GTX appears to have popped a capacitor. Which is seriously annoying since I almost perpetually ran it with a 70% power target with stock volts at most ... Can't seem to find any good source for shipping and paying for it to be repaired. Any leads?
  5. O

    Gurus come forth! and help me fix this PSU transformer!

    Ok Hi there everyone! I am a brand spankin new member here first time posting! wrote it like a story so read it for entertainment first, secondly to help me out of my predicament! ill cut to the chase! I broke one of the outer winding wires on a transformer in my PSU, and want advice on how to...
  6. A

    Repair broken plastic

    The very hard plastic on my stroller's canopy snapped, and I'd like to repair it if possible. The part does have to bear constant tension, so I'm not hopeful, but I think this is the place to get my answer. Here are pics: https://www.instagram.com/p/BN-H_jNgFHL/