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  1. D

    Can Sigma Ransomware files be inlock?

    Got hit with Sigma Ransomware. I was able to roll back the system using restore for a few days ago but the files are still locked. If I roll back the system to an earlier date will that help or is there some way to unlock the files? Thanks
  2. S

    WannaCry mistakes that can help you restore files after infection

    Sometimes ransomware developers make mistakes in their code. These mistakes could help victims regain access to their original files after a ransomware infection. This article is a short description of several errors, which were made by the WannaCry ransomware developers. https://goo.gl/RVlDt1
  3. Ketchup

    Looks Like WannaCry Has Been Halted

    http://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/hacking-of-america/marcus-hutchins-saved-u-s-wannacry-cyberattack-bedroom-compter-n759931 Some great work here. Let's hope it has been truly halted. If so, his work may be able to assist in the discovery of ways to stop future attacks more quickly.
  4. Sean Kyle

    Any victims of Wanacry here?

    Have to got the patch installed on your systems already? And how many of you are affected from this? any other tips to prevent it?