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Forum discussion tagged with radiator.
  1. D

    Need your advice please.

    Looking to build a gaming rig. (last one I did was over 12 years ago).The parts I have chosen are: Asus Maximus IX Formula Intel i7 Kaby Lake 4.2Ghz 2x8gb Gskill RGB at 3000mhz Asus Rog Poseidon 1080Ti Evga G3 850W Case: Thermaltake View 31 Need help with the cooling. I am looking at EK 140 PWM...
  2. EXCellR8

    Wiring Electric Radiator Fans

    I sourced a replacement radiator fan assy. for my beater, which fits fine, but I need to wire it up. Doesn't matter if I need to manually switch it on as the car is for track/strip use only. I was going to get a pair of 40A relays and fuses along with some nice rugged wire and toggle switches...
  3. J

    Swiftech h240x2 loop

    Hi there, I'm currently using a Swiftech h240x2 to cool my i7 6850k. I also have two 1080's air cooled, for now. I plan to buy two more cards by the end of the year. It's a workstation for 3D GPU rendering by the way. I have few questions tho. 1. Will my current h240x2 pump will be 'strong'...