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  1. PeterScott

    Volkswagen's Electric Car Just Broke The All-Time Record At Pikes Peak (Jalopnik)

    https://jalopnik.com/volkswagens-electric-car-just-broke-the-all-time-record-1827087085 An EV finally took first place at Pikes Peak. They have been getting close for a couple of years. VW showed up with a purpose built vehicle and now has the all time overall record. I love this kind of...
  2. K

    Official 2018 Formula 1 Discussion / Fantasy League

    Didn't see this posted yet and was not able to get around to it myself till now. But if anyone wants to join the fantasy league again ( https://fantasygp.com/leagues/ ) here is the code: 8495787 (Team AnandtechMotivationalBumperStickers) This thread should also be for just chatting with...
  3. EXCellR8

    Forza Motorsport 7 & Gran Turismo: Sport

    anyone going to be playing either one of these next month? Forza 7 - available 10/3 (XBOX & Windows 10) and GT Sport - available 10/17 (PS4) I didn't spend half the amount of time with Forza 5 & 6 as I did the latest Horizon game but I might have to play it anyway. I think I've run...
  4. Q

    New axleback on impreza (Way too loud)

    I recently put on a new axleback on my 04 impreza thinking it would make it a small bit louder. instead, the Turbo XS axleback is super loud, louder than the catback on my Altima. I want to know if there is a cheap way to quiet this down without replacing the muffler, maybe under $100. I...