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  1. Y

    Home network configuration questions

    Hello, Im in the process of planing my new home network systems and I got stuck on an unfamiliar area. On the house there are 2 floors(Ground floor and a basements) and 2 main central network cabinets. The first cabinet has all the cables coming from the ground floor and some from the basement...
  2. Presper

    Should a eGPU be used to make a laptop VR ready?

    I've recently bought a Rift VR headset, however when I tried to install it today the HDMI wouldn't connect to my Laptop. I've discovered that it doesn't have a dedicated port to the graphics card, making VR impossible. So I'm wondering what eGPU would be the most cost effective and most...
  3. W

    Are Gaming Chairs the most overrated gaming products or not? Let's get it over with!

    A lot of my friends go for $1000 or $3000 gaming chairs, which serve the same purpose as a normal gaming chair. Which comes down to my question that isn't they the most overrated products out there or does they serve a real purpose? Kindly share your thoughts with me.
  4. TurtleCrusher

    ATOT: What made you start coming to AT in the first place?

    I'm just curious. When I look back I remember lurking for years before starting an account. I wanted to know things like why did my Pentium 4 play music files better while I was gaming than my Athlon, what video cards to avoid, and cheap deals. Why did you start coming to AT?