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  1. S

    Suitable motherboard for Intel i3-530 LGA 1156 socket processor?

    Hi Guys, so all of a sudden my Intel DH55TC motherboard just won't turn ON :-( I have performed all the procedures mentioned in various walkthroughs and troubleshooting but none of it helped. On powering the cpu the motherboard's green light is ON but the power button isn't making it start up. I...
  2. Markfw

    Is your processor Running slower than you think it should be ? Or at a different multiplier than it should be ?

    There are two things that are common in many Intel processors, they are designed to save heat, and power by lowering the multiplier and the core voltage of the processor at times that the "power" or extra speed is not required. These CAN be disabled in your BIOS, and in some cases it is...