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  1. X

    Crucial and Samsung's V-NAND process node ?

    Hi all, Since 3D TLC SSDs came on the scene, manufacturers tend to avoid telling which process node they're using. The only thing i've see, is that Samsung's 2nd generation V-NAND do use a 40nm process node. And... that's it, nothing else since; apart from telling how many layers they do have...
  2. norseamd

    How do Global Foundries/Samsung 14 nm, TSMC 16 nm, and Intel 14 nm all compare?

    There are at least 3 majors foundries in the computer business, and that is not even counting countless other more minor foundries. There are 3 current major lines from these 3 major foundries in the 14/16 nm node process, but these are more marketing terms and broad category alignment than...