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  1. I

    Is Win 7 more privacy-friendly than win 10?

    Hello, I don't just rely on windows defender so I have Bit Defender 2019 premium + Malware bytes paid version. And I don't open shady sites, no porn sites and nothing. My work is youtube + making sites + heavy browsing (related to work) + editing only. I know win 7 is old but I still see many...
  2. Starburst3000

    Weirdo neighbor has placed listening devices up to the wall just to copy everything we do?

    so basically my neighbor has no life what so ever. They do nothing all day and are completely jealous of you maybe thinking this is the ramblings of a crazy person but I'm not I have heard them my self talking about this type of thing and it worrys me emmensly. I think the devices have...
  3. G

    Looking to get a strong secure password manager and secure my PC

    Hi, I was thinking to get Lastpass but I saw that Lastpass' database has been hacked many times in the past so that's a big NO for me. What should I get that is very secure and provides good privacy? Also, is Bit Defender Total Security 2018 good nowadays? Looking to get a subscription...
  4. G

    Is google drive secure and private? Any alternate to Google Drive?

    Hi, I will be using google drive for mostly my work purpose. And I do have two step verification ON and I was just wondering that is google drive secure and private for photos, notes, and other important things? Can anyone or the employees at Google look at my personal photos and files, work...
  5. Sean Kyle

    People who put people above money!

    I have been going through a lot of posts and tweets lately and I came across with 2 huge VPN brands who actually voiced against the authorities even though we all know that their demand is definitely high because of this sh*t and it is actually benefiting their businesses. But they have put...
  6. Kevin Richards

    What is PGP? How can I get one?

    Hi, I am reading about PGP (Pretty Good Privacy) and I want pretty good privacy but I don't know much about PGP as it is seems complex to me and how can I get one? how does it works?
  7. Sean Kyle

    Online Security and Privacy Predictions for 2017

    I came across this article a few minutes ago and a few things are really foreseeable. However, I think that there are more things to be added, so wanted the opinions for you guys!
  8. Sean Kyle

    Anyone came across this new Ad Blocker yet? (bad ad johnny)

    I noticed this ad blocker just now on Product Hunt and it seemed quiet witty to me on its social media. Anyway, I tested it out and it is really good (but is only on chrome). What do you guys think about it?
  9. superstition

    Will SME, SEV, and hw SHA be CPU game-changers?

    I guess AMD chose to put AVX-512 and such on the back burner in favor of this. A smart move? So, we have government that gets upset when e-mail isn't private and controlled for it and enterprise (business and government) that gets upset when its data isn't private and controlled. As for the...