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    Powerline too good to be true?

    So I connected my gigabit router to a gigabit switch through powerline adapters, using cat6 wherever a cable was needed. That switch feeds my Nvidia Shield android box. I pay for 30 mbps internet. When I run ookla's speedtest on my Shield box... it says 29 mbps. I mean... Sure, it sounds...
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    Connecting my AV receiver to my home network

    Hi, I am trying to connect my Denon AV receiver to my home internet network. The receiver has a wired ethernet port, but no wireless. My modem and router are upstairs, and the receiver is downstairs in a room that I have just retrofitted to be a home theater. I'm trying to decide what the best...
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    Home networking options

    Hey all, question-loaded post here from a novice about home networking options. Did some homework but want to see what this forum thinks. Seems if I want to extend wifi coverage in my new home I have 3 options: cat 6-run ap's, powerline extension, wifi mesh system. 1. Of the three, it seems...
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    Network coverage in apartment

    Hi, We've recently bought an apartment which actually consists of 2 separate apartments, i.e. we just teared down a wall between both. Now my router is at one end of the apartment hence the WLAN strength at the other end is extremely weak. I was thinking of buying Poweline adapters but then...