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  1. omega59

    Raspberry Pi3B USB HUB - HDD Help

    Hey guys. I have OSMC setup and with my new 2.5' HDD (Western-Digital-Passport-Drive-USB-3-0-WDBYFT0030BBK-WESN). I have a problem where it keeps crashing the OSMC with the blue-screen sad face randomly. From what I gather it is a power-insufficient issue. Looking at my PI's power supply it says...
  2. M

    screen surprisingly goes fuzzy, after which my laptop freezes

    as i briefly mentioned, what happens is that my laptop's screen unexpectedly goes fuzzy and pixelated, it happens for few seconds, like 5 or 10 seconds, after which it returns back alright with no problem, except that my laptop completely stops responding and freezes, so what i do is that i turn...
  3. C

    20 to 16 pins

    Hello, Today I received a new power adapter, it has 20 + 4 pins. But my mainboard only has 16 pins. What should I do? My computer is from Fujitsu and they don't have any other power adapters. Can I just cut the other 4 pins away? Or will it destroy the power adapter? Should I send it back...