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  1. X

    Question Computer Freezes, POST Issues, Crashes

    I don't even know where to begin with the issues I have been experiencing with my new build. It has been running smoothly for about a month, then randomly started some major issues with freezing, artifacts, POST issues, BSOD, WHEA errors, etc. Build: Intel i5 9600KF (have have a K model coming...
  2. Collider

    RX 560 & RX 570 POST Conflict

    I have a setup with RX 570 & RX 560 GPUs. The problem is that 1 / 3 times RX 560 will not be detected and when booted into Windows RX 560 cannot be seen. Then just by rebooting it becomes visible. Seems completely at random. I have tried other RX 560 & RX 570 cards to rule out possibility of...
  3. A

    Reviving Desktop from Water Damage

    Hey everyone! Long time lurker, these forums have some great technical content, but now I finally have a reason to post. No pun intended. My desktop is next to my window, and a week ago I forgot to close the window in a thunderstorm and got water on my motherboard. I walked into my room to the...
  4. superstition

    Show us your Big Five

    • Take the test and then post screenshots for the two result boxes. • Don't take it if you're going to answer falsely because it's being used for research. If you think the test questions aren't very good then don't submit the results or just deal with it and answer them as best you can. • Be...