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  1. R

    Question Network Issues - Wifi & PLEX Drops

    Hello Network Pros - I'm relatively new here and this is my first post. I am having weird network drops and Wifi Issues. Below is the network mapping of my home devices, before I jump into the problem. All arrows are connected using CAT6 shielded cables. I run PLEX media server on my Desktop...
  2. O

    Old gaming pc as htpc vs nvidia shield

    Novice Member Hi I have an old gaming rig that I am thinking of using as a plex server. However I have just seen that the nvidia shield can now run in server mode. My question is, what would be a better setup? Both options would use a wd 4tb external hardrive usb 3.0 Computer specs Cpu - i7 950...
  3. 13Gigatons

    A very Plex-ing problem

    I installed Plex Media Server and have run into two problems: 1. The Plex App for Roku needs internet access to see the server. The server itself DOES not have access to the internet. Without first connecting to the internet with the Roku it will not see the server. This is very annoying for a...