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Forum discussion tagged with photography.
  1. FeuerFrei

    What in tarnation got you into photography?

    The nooky? (0_o) For me it was a fortuitous upgrade to a new camera whose output looked like art. Thus inspiring me to pursue photography for it's own sake. Capturing art around me. Just a hobby for now. It was back in 2011, before I cared about photography, I picked up a Samsung TL500...
  2. DarkLense

    Does anyone use analog camera?

    Seems like old school photography has died. I do realize we should go in step with time and technology, but occasionally you have to implement that saying: "Learn about the history so you can learn about the future". I have had Nikon D70 in my hands and took about 250 photos before I returned to...
  3. E

    CPU Recommendations

    building a new PC, need a recommendation for CPU. Running Windows 10 Pro Darkroom Software Core Professional Adobe Photoshop Photo Mechanic Computer's primary use is for printing photographs, will have 4-6 printers running on USB Suggestions for best value. Thank you EJ53
  4. R

    Live view HD video for exhibition

    Hi, I'm planning an exhibition about photogrammetry and need to display live video on two monitors each with their own camera positioned above like a webcam. The reason something other than a webcam is required is to show one zoom display and one wide angle display to show the distortion in...