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    Question Anyone have a picture of the PCB of the Asus rtx 2060 dual evo advanced oc graphics card?

    Im looking for a water block for this model and need reference.
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    zeppelin speaker wont work?? any help much appreciated

    I have a bowers and Wilkins zeppelin. The led doesn’t come on and it shows no indication of power or audio. The lead is fine as it works with another speaker. I have opened it and noticed some discolouration around one of the ceramic disk capacitors could this be the issue? Everything else looks...
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    Chiped PCB layer while Deliding on I7-4790K

    Hi Guys I have a big bug issue with my CPU. A while ago I did delid it but while I was cutting out IHS unfortunately I did chip some PCB with circuts out. I did not think that it might be so important for it. CPU is working great with 1.25V Core and speed set to 4.6GHz. No problems at all. Hmmm...
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    Dead NAS HDD... will replacing the PCB bring it back to life?

    Let me preface this with a summary of the death: power supply blew, taking motherboard, CPU, video card, and one of my hard drives with it. The HDD was less than 6 months old. The drive will not power up whether it is connected to known good cables internally or in an external enclosure. I can...