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Forum discussion tagged with outlook.
  1. ibex333

    Question Email Synchronization

    Is there any way, to make it so that whenever I delete mail in my online account, it is automatically deleted form ALL devices that access this mail account as well? For example, if I log into my Gmail from my internet browser, I want that mail to be deleted off my phone, outlook client...
  2. B

    iTunes alternative for syncing with Outlook

    Hi! I'm struggling to find a replacement for iTunes for syncing my iPhone 7 with Outlook. The problem is that my iTunes duplicates my contacts which is really annoying. I've also tried to reinstall iTunes but it still works without any changes. Another problem is that I don't use iCloud due to...
  3. FeuerFrei

    Need software to convert .eml to .pst - switching to Outlook 2010 (Solved)

    Help. Trying to migrate some Windows Mail emails over to Outlook 2010 on a new pc. These programs are not installed on the same computer, else it would be easy. Theoretically I could install Outlook on the old pc and let it import the emails, then transfer the resulting .psts. But it would...