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    Question SoundBlaster Xtreme Fi SB0460 paired with SB0110 is it possible ?

    Hello, i currently have SoundBlaster Audigy Platinum ex with the external audio bay (SB0110), the soundcard (sb00090) and all the other features. I got this bundle complete for 10 euros last year, and i'm since using them on my main pc (win10,Ryzen 1600,16gb,rx 570 (8gb)) connected with a pci...
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    Peak driver for the GeForce GTX 670

    What is the best driver for the GTX 670? I was wondering this since I've heard reports that NVIDIA hasn't really paid much attention to the Kepler graphics cards and as such they haven't gotten very good drivers recently. If this is the case, then that would mean that there is a specific peak...
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    gtx 1050 ti on old mobo (old oem 7 years old !!!)

    hi guys :) can you pls help me on this issue, i would be a happy man if you do :) well i have a 7 old pc and i was going for the gtx 1050 ti but recently i found some forums say that new gpus will have compatibility issues with old oem pc mobo due to bios/uefi that will result in booting problem...
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    Nostalgia: my $4,168 Micron PC (1995)

    I found this while cleaning out old papers. Ordered September 12, 1995 for development and games from Micron back when they made PCs. Pentium 133 MHz 32 MB RAM (2 x 16 MB, EDO) 1.6 GB WD IDE hard drive 3.5" floppy, 4 X CD-ROM Diamond Stealth 64 video card, PCI with 2 MB VRAM Creative Labs...