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  1. Presper

    Should a eGPU be used to make a laptop VR ready?

    I've recently bought a Rift VR headset, however when I tried to install it today the HDMI wouldn't connect to my Laptop. I've discovered that it doesn't have a dedicated port to the graphics card, making VR impossible. So I'm wondering what eGPU would be the most cost effective and most...
  2. Dr. Zaus

    Star Trek Bridge Crew: The game that will sell VR?

    HI, I just spent all night playing Star Trek Bridge Crew. The tutorial was flaky, but my GOD being part of a crew! We bonded, share defeat, shared victory, let civilians burn in flames to avoid Klingon Killing us again... If you don't have VR now, the game is sitting-only and compatible with...