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  1. S

    Very slow encoding on Nvidia 1050TI card for steam link

    Hello, I have a Nvidia 1050 TI card and a e8500 AMD dual core CPU at 3.16 Ghz. I have hardware decoding enabled on both host and client. I get very poor 4fps playing 'XCOM Enemy within' at 1920 x 1080. In steam big picture mode I see the encoder is steam d3d10nv12 + nvenc h264 and I am...
  2. PuppyBoss

    Help Deciding on a GPU (& staged upgrades in the future)

    Hello! I like PC gaming, but my knowledge in building a good rig is quite limited. I've been waiting to buy a powerful gaming rig which supports all the latest games in max settings for many MANY years, but was limited by my gaming budget. Having spent so much time waiting, I decided to buy a...