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  1. Bobsy

    Dirt-cheap PC for Web Browsing

    Hi all! I need to build a dirt-cheap PC that will be used for web browsing, including viewing Youtube videos. It will not be used for anything else. Should I consider a Intel NUC, a competing product of the same type, or should I build from parts? I have not built a PC in a few years and I am...
  2. bob4432

    MAJOR CHANGE OF PLANS - SEE POST #14; Power Consumption of NUC w/ Celeron J3455 for HTPC?

    Thinking of running a Intel NUC w/ a Celeron J3455 (BOXNUC6CAYH - along w/ 8GB DDR3L & a SanDisk SSD PLUS 120GB Solid State Drive (SDSSDA-120G-G26) for my HTPC. Was wondering if anybody has info on what it pulls from the wall streaming a 1920x1080 x265 w/ DTS audio video file. Current HTPC is...
  3. Fanatical Meat

    Would something like this work as a game server?

    First I'm not worried about my IP address changing because fios almost never changers it. I also believe intel is coming out with some new nuc's soonish so this could change. I would like to set up a low power homer server for running a game or two. I know ram is more important that processor...
  4. R

    computer doesn't recognize all my ram

    I have a new Skull Canyon NUC and my computer states I have 8gb ram when I have 16 installed (2x8). what trouble shooting steps can I take? Thanks!
  5. R

    sff build

    Hi folks, I'd love some input into a new computer I'm looking at buying/building sometime before xmas. I've never built a computer before and would prefer to avoid starting from scratch if possible. I have a crazy small apartment and want a sff style pc (I would also consider a laptop 13-15")...