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  1. T

    Cable Termination!

    Hi, I know I'm an absolute noob, but I was wondering if you’d be able to put me together some sort of shopping list based on what I need as I am by no way an expert on networking. I bought a reel of cat6a cable to wire a new property. I have probably 20 cables coming out of the wall and they...
  2. BravoTheta

    New parts or refurbished is the way to go?

    Hello, This is going to be my first time building a pc, would it be better to build it with new parts or refurbished? There are pros and cons to both like one is cheaper but the other is more reliable
  3. F

    Lightweight Linux for old AMD Athlon x2 HP

    I want to use an old computer I have lying around for internet browsing and streaming. Sadly Win7 seems a bit too strenuous, so I'm looking for a lightweight Linux to use instead. Disclaimer: I'm totally new to Linux, but have lots of experience with Windows & some with Mac. I have a 2004 £250...