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  1. H

    Question 5700xt No Display after Restarting PC

    I am aware of driver issues plaguing 5700xt cards for awhile now. I personally have the black screen issues for weeks until recently where I experienced the longest black screen by far and it made me restart my PC. Usually it will boot up normally but ever since the restart, I haven't gotten a...
  2. Tuhusky

    New Case, No Video Output

    I know there are other posts relating to no video output with something having to do with the motherboard however, none of these have been caused by the problem I have. My problem is my power button connectors. I recently took my Dell Inspiron 3847 apart completely and installed it into a new...
  3. T

    Dead cpu or motherboard?

    Hello, I'm building a pc from old parts. I have found a PentiumD 820 which I don't know if it works, have some sticks of ddr2 (2x2gb and 2x1gb, also a 512mb), bought the other day a used m/b Asus P5KPL-VM (the seller told me it was from a working system) and for psu I have an Antec BP430 and a...