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    Home network configuration questions

    Hello, Im in the process of planing my new home network systems and I got stuck on an unfamiliar area. On the house there are 2 floors(Ground floor and a basements) and 2 main central network cabinets. The first cabinet has all the cables coming from the ground floor and some from the basement...
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    Suggestions for running Cat5e/Cat6 to rooms in a new house

    I am currently having a house built, and want to get a plan for my networking. I am going to talk to my builder in the coming weeks, and have him run either Cat5e or Cat6 to rooms in my house. This is a new process to me so I am looking to my network community here for tips/advice. I am having...
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    Home/SMB network design

    I am building a new house where I would also like to have a small business with standard pc services (i.e. building and fixing). I am trying to design the network for the house and I would like to get some input on what hardware to use. Networks & Requirements Home network a couple of PCs...
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    Connecting 1 Router with 2 x 48 ports switches for 60 x VLANs

    Please advise on the best architecture for the following network scenario: 60 Shared Offices in one building with 2 sides Each office separate isolated network (VLAN) with dedicated DHCP segment. 2 x ZyXel GS2210-48 Layer 2 48 ports switches 4 Internet lines load balanced with 1 x ZyWall USG310...