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  1. ultimatebob

    Rant Is anyone else annoyed that Netflix is raising their prices again?

    I noticed that Netflix is raising the prices on my 4 screen 4K "Premium" plan from $16 to $18 a month. Personally, I think that the timing on this price increase sucks. The new content coming released by Netflix for this year has been pretty weak, and I'd imagine that the content coming out...
  2. N

    Question Is there an OS to install a Netflix app that allows you to download content?

    I am specifically searching for an OS for months now that allows Netflix to be installed also allowing downloads for later viewing. My main reason for this is to mount a Raspberry Pi 4 to the back of my TV connected to the internet and whilst I am asleep I can download a few episodes and/or...
  3. B

    Is an HDR monitor pointless for me?

    Information on this is a little hard to find but it seems that HDR is focused mostly on games. Games is only < 5% of my use case. What I do on a regular basis: Photoshop/light room for semi-professional photography. Watching youtube/netflix (though, most of it is on my phone) General...
  4. OutHouse

    Ozark (Netflix)

    great show. episode 10 is mind blowing. i give it 9/10
  5. X

    has anyone use nVidia 10 series graphic card to play Netflix 4K content on PC?

    It seems many reports indicate you can only use Intel Kaby Lake CPU (7th gen) to play Netflix 4K DRM content in Windows 10 Desktop PC (Microsoft Edge only) and left nVidia and AMD out of gate. Although nVidia supports HDCP 2.2, HDMI 2.0, and Microsoft PlayReady 3.0 (At least they say they do)...
  6. clamum

    Netflix Releases Teaser for "Barry" (Obama Biopic)

    Teaser for Netflix's "Barry" Apparently it's about his time at Columbia and takes place in 1981. I'm definitely intrigued by this and will watch it.