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  1. C

    Motorola G Power Who is getting one?

    I know Motorola just came out with the Edge, but I am getting a Morotola G Power for 250 bucks. Minus the NFC and the 5 g missing, this seems like an all around solid phone. It will be a decent replacement should something happen to my daily driver. Just wondering if any one else will pick...
  2. Dan Silviu

    Motorola cable modem SB6121 keeps dropping off

    Hey guys, I've been having a bit of a problem with my internet from Xfinity. My modem needs to be restarted every other day to resume internet at a shitty speed. (20mbps in a 100mbps plan) I've had the modem since 2014 and it ran like a champ since recently. If anyone can recognize a specific...