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motherboard issue

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    Small motherboard piece broken dont know what it does

    I just got this motherboard for my pc build. I was opening everything up and when I opened my hard drive it slipped and fell onto the motherboard breaking a small piece off. I have no idea what this piece does. I hope and dont need to get a new motherboard. Plz answer ASAP. This is a MSI...
  2. D

    PC hanging at the POST = Mobo problem?

    My build had been working well for the past few months. It's now hanging at the ASUS motherboard splash screen that says "Republic of Gamers" with the logo... and the "Press F2 or DEL to enter setup" Is this definitely a Motherboard issue? Meaning it's obviously got power, but it's not...
  3. A

    Computer won't boot. Dead CPU or Mobo?

    Hey guys, I'd like you to help me with a question I'm having about my PC. A few days ago I was on Youtube, the PC (described below) turned off out of nowhere, I tried to turn it on back but shutdown in 5 seconds. I tried to turn on again, but now the CPU_LED is stuck and I can not POST or even...
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    Ryzen motherboard problems: no power to 5 different boards

    I've been building my own desktops since my youth and for the first time ever I was amazed by the difficulty of getting a new build to work. It all started a month ago when I purchased the Gigabyte AB350 Gaming motherboard, Ryzen 1600X, Corsair Vengeance LPX DDR4 16GB RAM and a Corsair H60...
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    Dead cpu or motherboard?

    Hello, I'm building a pc from old parts. I have found a PentiumD 820 which I don't know if it works, have some sticks of ddr2 (2x2gb and 2x1gb, also a 512mb), bought the other day a used m/b Asus P5KPL-VM (the seller told me it was from a working system) and for psu I have an Antec BP430 and a...
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    G3258 OC Gigabyte H97N Wifi M-ITX Boot loop

    EDIT: The issue isnt the fact that i cannot access windows at all, I can, just have to reset BIOS to defaults. I just want to know if there is something I am missing or doing wrong to OC this G3258. So I wanted to OC my friends G3258 and I know its possible to push to 4.1ghz at 1.2v on this...