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  1. Brainonska511

    LG 27" 1440/165Hz monitor (27GP83B-B) $280 at Best Buy; $300 (27GP850 - USB Hub Version) at Amazon

    LG 27GP83B-B - a 27" QHD display that can do 165Hz native. Has 2 HDMI ports and a DisplayPort. Typical best prices, when on sale, are around $290-$300, so at $280, this is pretty good. Best Buy will also price match this if the price falls further during their extended holiday price matching...
  2. S

    Question AW3821DW broken by UPS - is this fixable?

    Hi guys, I just had my monitor delivered to my house today after shipping it overseas with UPS. Attached is a picture of what it looks like when the screen is off (I have no idea what this even is, almost looks like air bubbles). Is there any fix to this (DIY) or am I out of luck?
  3. Psycho381

    Question Will Asus VG248QE monitor work with AMD graphic card?

    I have Asus VG248QE monitor and 1070ti gpu, I am soon upgrading to AMD 6750xt gpu, will this monitor work just as fine as with the Nvidia gpu? Will there be any noticeable difference/problems?
  4. A

    Question AOC E16959F USB monitor not working

    I bought this monitor for travel purposes and I haven't gotten it to work yet. It's well past the return date so I'm hoping to get it working. I am using it on a work computer so I'm limited to what I can do myself. I do want to be as prepared as I can be when I contact our IT department about...
  5. B

    Question Are there any really good 55" 32:9 screens coming out soon?

    Hello, I currently use two 32" side by side screens for work (at home). I do a lot of comparisons of spreadsheets, web pages, remote computers, you name it. Occassionally I play games too. I'd love something without the big bezel in the middle of the two and ideally with a slight curve to it...
  6. jainamss

    Question Does the NATIVE resolution of a monitor affect FPS?

    Hi, I currently have a 1280x720 monitor and mostly play valorant. My specs are 1080ti, i5-9400F and 32GB ram. On the native res of the monitor I mostly get 240fps. I wanted to buy a new 1920x1080 native resolution monitor, but I was wondering if buying it will decrease my FPS a lot. Or will the...
  7. simfo

    Question where to buy a matrix for the DELL u2414h monitor?

    where to buy a matrix for the DEL u2414h monitor Hi, I have several cases from the monitor, but I can not buy a matrix, maybe someone knows where?
  8. R

    Question White LED and display problems with my VGA monitor, APU and GPU. New Ryzen 5 & Asus B550f gaming motherboard. Tech Support

    Hi Guys, Having some weird problems here. The whole problem here seems to be due to VGA, GPU or some incompatibility. Old build AMD A8-7600 (APU) Gigabyte G1 Sniper A88X (VGA+DVI) Asus GTX 660(VGA+DVI+HDMI) LG VGA Monitor New build AMD Ryzen 5 4650g (APU) Asus ROG Strix B550f Gaming Wifi...
  9. P

    Question Which 27 "Dell monitor to choose - 2K or 4K (not for gaming, but for work and fun)

    Hello. I can't decide to choose a 27 "monitor from Dell. I choose between these two models: P2720DC S2721QS I will use the monitor with ThinkPad E14 (Gen 2) laptop that supports usb-c charging / transfer / display. When I compare both monitors, I see that the model "P" has 2K resolution, it is...
  10. IseNoseee

    Question Acer ED242QR or Benq Zowie XL2411P

    So I found a deal for these second hand monitors, found them at 120€ from different sellers, I’m trying to decide on which to get but, I heard that Benq is better in every aspect, but Acer one is curved, which i’m a succer for it. I just need to know which one would be the best bang for buck in...
  11. J

    Question Flicker monitor

    Need help to understand flickering issue in monitor Pastin video link Will be thankful to you all for inputs
  12. K

    New computer build, second monitor stuck at 640x480

    Hey everyone, I just built a new computer, which was a resounding success for the most part (build here: Monitor is a dell P2210f). Everything was going great, had my first computer running for a while, setting up Windows 10 pro on this new computer on my tv...
  13. Bobsy

    Question ASUS ROG Strix XG279Q vs. ASUS TUF Gaming VG27AQ

    I have been using a Dell 2408WFP as my primary monitor for several years now. IPS, 1920x1200, but definitely NOT a gaming monitor. I would like to upgrade to a proper 27" 1440p (so I can push pixels with my old GTX 1060 6 GB). I've read some very positive reviews of the ASUS TUF Gaming VG27AQ...
  14. B

    Question Do you cover your monitor?

    I recently got a new monitor, I installed it and I kept the protective foam-like cover that came with it. I use it to cover the monitor while i'm not using the computer to prevent the monitor from gathering dust since the window in the room is open most of the day. Back in the CRT era, i used to...
  15. B

    Question Need Help For Buying Display | Need Suggestion also |

    Hi, I have also MSI GTX 1660 Gaming X 6GB Graphic Card which have 3x Display port(1.4) and 1x HDMI(2.0). I'm planning to buy a Monitor which have Display port 1.2v. Does it work with 1.4 to 1.2 monitor? Can i get 144hz over HDMI 2.0? Here is My Monitor. Acer 144hz Variant: Nitro 23.8 inch Full...
  16. D

    Question Dell UP3218K Problem

    Hey I would really appreciate if anyone could tell me about this. I bought one of these, And I had to return it because after two day of use at the bottom of the monitor started to appear those lines. With the warranty they send me a new one and after two days of use it did it again. the photo...
  17. arnuld

    Question 43" 4K Ultra-HD TV vs 29" Ultra-Wide Monitor

    Hi Guys, I want a monitor and my work includes: Programming, JupyterLab, Data Science, Lot of reading, writing and browsing and I watch Blu-Ray1080p movies and live YouTube 1080p streaming videos. That's all I do. I was wondering what size will be good enough. I looking at LG 25" Ultra-Wide...
  18. A

    Upstar 4K Monitor takes 30 minutes to display opening screen

    I bought an Upstar 28 “ 4K monitor 3 years ago, but all of a sudden it’s now taking 30 minutes or so to start up from my Windows 10 PC…and this is with an SSD Drive startup. The Upstar logo occasionally flashes on the screen during the 30 minutes when it vainly attempts to display the opening...
  19. DeadlyTitan

    Old Monitor taking too much time to get signal

    So i have this old Asus 21" 1080p 60hz monitor that's been unused for some time (probably 2 years unused?) cause of work and college. Today i decided to plug it to my workstation as additional screen and there's the problem, it takes a lot of time before it turns on. Am not actually sure if its...
  20. S

    Questions about LFC for FreeSync Monitors

    Hey guys, I’m hoping to purchase a new FreeSync monitor and just have some questions on the Low Framerate Compensation (LFC) feature. I kinda have a special gaming situation here, I play Total War, Mount & Blade and Men of War extensively. I always run mods which triples the amount of troops...
  21. M

    how to calibrate the monitor? Help needed.

    Monitor is MG278Q , gpu is AMD R290. sRGB setting on the monitor is quite fine ,only problem is brightness is too much . Now there is no way to turn the brightness down on the monitor when its set to sRGB. Graphics card software sends a darker picture, it doesnt turn the backlight down. So, is...
  22. P

    Is dvi-d run into vga display...

    Hello guys , I want to buy msi 1050ti gaming x 4gb. But my monitor (resolution 1366x768) had vga input only and the card output is DVI-D so can I run it some how. I learn from internet that DVI-D contains only digital signal and VGA only analog so is there any way ???? Plz help me ASAP.. Thanks...
  23. B

    Is an HDR monitor pointless for me?

    Information on this is a little hard to find but it seems that HDR is focused mostly on games. Games is only < 5% of my use case. What I do on a regular basis: Photoshop/light room for semi-professional photography. Watching youtube/netflix (though, most of it is on my phone) General...
  24. P

    LG Monitor: Mild Hissing Sound & Power LED Blinking

    I have an almost 10 yr old LG LCD monitor L177WSB Of late I have noticed that when I turn on my system, the power button LED starts blinking fadely with a blue color. Under normal conditions, the LED stays a steady Yellow on Standby and Steady Blue on being powered on. I have to press the...
  25. M

    New monitor in Japan: many questions

    Hi, I have been enjoying these forums for a while now but am getting tired of having to specify "in Japan" in my titles since everything PC is so expensive here! In any case, I am now thinking of soon getting a new monitor to go with my PC: I5 4690, 16gb ram, GTX 970, but will soon upgrade...
  26. C

    [Solved] Monitor goes to power saving mode (sleep) within 5 minutes of gaming

    Happens when I try to play Overwatch, Metro LL and Witcher 3 (sometimes it makes a clicky noise when monitor goes to sleep sometimes it doesn't). Does not happen when I'm just web browsing and watching youtube videos. Specs: i7 4770k @4.1Ghz, GTX 980Ti (110% power limit but not manually...
  27. K

    Ultrawide vs Probably best gaming performance monitor?

    Hello! So I'm in a slight dilemma. I recently built a new rig. Following are the brief specifications: i7 6700K GTX 1080 16GB Gskill Rip Jaws V Asus Maximus VIII Hero Currently the monitor I'm using is an older one: The Dell S2240L. Its a 21.5inch 1080p IPS Panel. Basically it was good 5...
  28. Y

    FreeSync Monitor

    Hey guys first ever post so please tell me if I need to edit anything. Looking for a Gaming FreeSync monitor mid range with following specs: Price: $200-$350 Size: 27" Panel: IPS Brand: ANY Refresh Rate: Not too fussy as long as its over 60Hz or has a variable refresh rate (e.g.. ~40-90Hz)...
  29. B

    NIXEUS displays 27" 1440p IPS 30-144hz Freesync Gaming Monitor ~$449, 32" 4K Freesync
  30. G

    Samsung S32D850T USB ports stopped working

    Have the above monitor. No issues for at least 8 months. Recently, after a pc reboot, noticed my mouse wasn't working (which is plugged into the monitor). Anyways, after much troubleshooting, discovered none of the ports on the monitor are recognized. Tried different cables, different ports...
  31. C

    What monitor should I upgrade to??

    Currently i have a dual display set up which is just 2 19" HD Ready TV's. I want to replace them with two of the same gaming monitors. I am currently considering this monitor: I will be using one for my xbox one s and the other for my PC which has an r9...
  32. C

    What kinda monitor should I upgrade to?

    Currently i have a dual display set up which is just 2 19" HD Ready TV's. I want to replace them with two of the same gaming monitors. I am currently considering this monitor: I will be using one for my xbox one s and the other for my PC which has an r9...
  33. MrAltDennis

    Third Monitor isn't being detected

    I recently moved my computer and acquired a new monitor. I plugged it in but in settings the third monitor will not be detected. When i first checked the monitor wasn't in device manager but i would be wrong. The awkward thing is that when i open bios the bios menu opens on my main monitor and...
  34. bigrash

    I'm so confused as to which monitor I should get

    I just built a new computer, and looking to buy a monitor to go with it. I've done a bit of research, asked the staff at Microcenter, but I'm still confused. Video card I'm using is a 1060 GTX OC 3G. I'll be doing some gaming, but I mostly game on my xbox so majority of gaming is done on the...
  35. R

    video playback issue on external monitor only

    Hi all, I hope you can shed some light on this new issue. I have a 2 month old Dell monitor connected to my laptop and this week all of a sudden a movie will freeze for 3 to 4 seconds every 4 or 5 minutes but only on the monitor. If I disconnect and watch on the laptop alone it does not do...
  36. S

    Recommend a 45in or greater monitor

    Hey; Replacing my 32in TV with a larger monitor. The monitor will be connected to HTPC, PS4 Pro and maybe pc gaming if get bored from sitting on my chair and wish to shift to a sofa or a larger screen. Any suggestions? Regards;
  37. V

    Help buying a full HD monitor

    Hi I am planning to buy a new monitor for my rig. I got the AMD Radeon HD7900 Serier GPU. I am looking for a monitor of 21'' or slightly bigger size. Kindly suggest the best monitor my budget is 15k INR. (can go up a little more, if there is something which is bang for the buck ) Thanks in...
  38. and_then

    Monitor has lags , fades , ghost images and is very bright ?

    Hello everyone , from past few days my monitor is acting up. I have Samsung SyncMaster S22B370 Monitor . It is 3 year old . Though i use my PC a LOT. I have done all kinds of troubleshooting and i am 100% sure that the problem is with monitor itself . I have also checked for bad capacitors but...