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  1. S

    Modded Bios for Xeon X5460 on Asus P5Q Pro

    Hello, I wanted to install a Xeon X5460 on my Asus P5Q Pro. Where can I find the modded bios that I would have to install to support the Xeon on a LGA 775 socket? The closest I could find is this one but this is for P5QL and not sure if it will work...
  2. DeadlyTitan

    GTX 1080 vs 4K max modded Skyrim At 2k Res

    Can a GTX 1080 run a max modded skyrim legendary edition (Not special edition) at 1440p @ 144hz? I am planning to use a lot of 4k Textures and Heavy ENB and all the eye candy mods (Grass, trees, weathers, etc) and i'll be cranking up all the settings to the max. I always wanted to do this...