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  1. Wild Terra Online 2: New lands. Indie Game in Development That I would like to share.

    Wild Terra 2: New Lands. Hello friends! My name is Javi and I'm part of Juvty World. A group of indie-game developers, I'm making this post to share our lastest game made by Unity. The game is actually in alpha stage of development and I'd like to share this great game we are developing and...
  2. M

    GLOBAL MU(X500edium Style X9999 Max style PVP server)

    Hi Guys, We'd like to invite you to play and experience MU. Global MU is a premium Season 13 with different type of servers, fast x9999, medium exp and slow no resets. For more info: Global Mu Online is a private muonline gaming project. Server is based on premium Season 13 server files...
  3. L

    Glad to play Lineage2 of new PC version this November

    Will keep you informed about the new server lineage 2 this November. We are doing our best to provide you a meaningful game experience .
  4. L

    Lineage 2 new PC version is around the corner !!------Special Halloween news here~

    Lineage 2 new PC version is around the corner !!------Special Halloween news here~Exciting ,right? It is new to newbies indeed,but YOU must know it once you’ve played and combated heroically in real game! There you will find the same characters as the very beginning Lineage and even the second...
  5. KMFJD

    Albion Online

    Is anyone else playing Albion Online? It was finally released last week and i haven't heard much about it. It has full on pvp in certain zones and everything you carried can be looted, local banks/auction houses etc