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  1. P

    Question Virus

    Please anyone help me as soon as possible, so i was downloading something from internet, and it delivered some viruses, not it corrupted all my pc files , images, videos, setup-files, almost everything, i can't find anything to open these, like images are currupted, no way to open exe files...
  2. A

    This is scary, CT and MRI scan malware created by researchers.

    I found a news article that shows a new scary security threat that has been discovered in the medical field. I could not read the news article as it says that I am out of free page views and now need to pay. I just found it on the default Firefox homepage of trending news stories, just only saw...
  3. G

    Looking to get a strong secure password manager and secure my PC

    Hi, I was thinking to get Lastpass but I saw that Lastpass' database has been hacked many times in the past so that's a big NO for me. What should I get that is very secure and provides good privacy? Also, is Bit Defender Total Security 2018 good nowadays? Looking to get a subscription...
  4. D Browser Hijack Vexing Me - No Malware Detected or Other Reports

    The other day I launched Chrome and the all my previous tabs were gone, replaced with a www dot virtualnomad dot ga (Gabon) page that makes Chrome as if I want to translate it. It also popped an error that Chrome hadn't shut down properly and would I like to reopen it? Doing so makes Chrome...
  5. I

    iPhone Data Recovery Software and Malware

    I recently downloaded and used two Mac programs to scan my phone for deleted files--Dr.Fone by Wondershare and D-Back by iMyfone. After using these programs, I thought about how dumb it was for me to do this, as it exposes all the data on my phone to both the programs. I'm worried about a few...
  6. Sean Kyle

    Any victims of Wanacry here?

    Have to got the patch installed on your systems already? And how many of you are affected from this? any other tips to prevent it?
  7. T

    Malware on my neighbour's laptop

    I help my elderly neighbour out with her laptop sometimes and the laptop appears to have been attacked by malware. It is Windows 10 and has auto update enabled so is probably up to date with patches. A few days ago she was on facebook and she clicked on a notification or something and her...
  8. R

    What is Adobe Acrobat DC? (how did it install itself?)

    That's basically it. I don't have adobe on my I turn it on and I see an icon for Acrobat DC. I never requested it. I never approved it. What is it? I mean I have repeatedly deleted adobe worms from installing themselves into my registry and so forth...but I am pretty sure I...
  9. G

    Recurring malware problem on Windows 10

    Hi, I have a Dell XPS13 with Windows 10, and I'm getting recurring malware, at least some of which is Chrome related. I first noticed it when my Avira Free AV detected some malware of type "TR/Dldr.Agent.zbthu" and "Crypt.XPACK.Gen3" and quarantined the files. Then I looked at my task manager...
  10. S

    A new tool used by cybercriminals to spread malware through Torrent files

    InfoArmor has discovered the RAUM tool in criminal forums, it is a special tool to distribute malware by packaging it with popular torrent files. InfoArmor has identified a special tool used by cybercriminals to distribute malware by packaging it with the most popular torrent files on the...