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  1. R

    Question Why file transfer via Ethernet so slow? IPad Pro to ext. HHD (Not Internet)

    Hi. Wonder if any can help, I’m not the most techie person. I just connected via Ethernet LAN cable and expected at least some improvements on file transfer. what I’m using ... - iPac Pro 2018 (I expect good performance) - Lan cable 3m CAT6 - Huawei B315 Wi-Fi LTE Router (Gigabit Ethernet...
  2. N

    Question 10G non-blocking switch for WiFi 11ax communications

    I want to connect a test device to send traffic WiFi 802.11ax so I'm looking for a switch with the following specs: • Switch 10G copper • Wire Speed, non-blocking’ switch • Number of ports: Minimum number of non-blocking ports (I only need 4 ports at the moment) Also, my budget is a bit...
  3. R

    i want to set up WOL over the internet.

    so i can use WOL over my WiFi. but i want to wake my PC up remotely ,when i'm not connected to WiFi or i'm not home.
  4. F

    Alternative modem for the Asus AC68U?

    I recently purchased the Asus RT-AC68U to replace my old Verizon Fios Actiontec M1424. I turned my Actiontec into a modem bridge but unfortunately there is bottleneck and a few issues. Whenever I'm downloading games on my PC, which uses Ethernet. All the WiFi clients are slowed down by a...
  5. O

    Save me (can’t access the internet with more than 3 LAN wired devices connected to an 8-port switch)

    Problem: I can’t access the internet with more than 3 LAN wired devices connected to an 8-port switch (ie, the fourth device never works (and the fifth too of course), no matter the device). Description of Problem: Our house has eight separate LAN outlets throughout the house for various...
  6. S

    Ethernet "Unidentified network - No internet access"

    Last night, my ethernet just entirely stopped working after disconnecting from TorGuard, and nothing has worked to fix it so far. Windows troubleshooter tells me "Ethernet does not have a valid IP configuration". I am almost always connected to TorGuard, and have encountered issues like this...
  7. T

    Connecting several computers wirelessly without internet.

    So my father is trying to connect his laptop and office pcs to each other, however he does not want to do this through LAN or the office's WLAN OR the internet whatsoever. What he is asking for is to be able to be working on his laptop, and have any files saved or edited to be immediately...
  8. 007ELmO

    Building 4 player Local LAN

    Hi, I plan on building out a 4 player LAN setup in my house. I've wired the room to have 2 PCs and a monitor per breaker switch. I'm thinking I'd use 1070s for each box. What is a good bang for the buck combination of GPU and monitor for these gaming boxes? I really like ultrawide monitors...
  9. B

    Network Analyzer to spot Bottlenecks and Internet Outages

    Our network keeps experiencing intermittent outages throughout the office. When we go to particular websites, it times out when it used pull up the browser successfully. Other times, Office365 downloads are restricted to the point where I have to switch to our public network to download the...