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  1. VirtualLarry

    [MIT Tecnology Review] Worldcoin - biometrics, crypto, and "crypto-colonialism". Is this going to be a force for good, or evil? Snowden's quote in the middle about biometric data collection is telling.
  2. ultimatebob

    Discussion I want Amazon to let me buy everything with Dogecoin! Why can't I?

    I think that Amazon (and other e-tailers) should let everyone buy their stuff with Dogecoin, the world's favorite dog-themed cryptocurrency. Besides having a cooler mascot than regular money, it also has surprisingly low transaction fees... lower than Bitcoin or Ethereum! Besides, Elon Musk...
  3. VirtualLarry

    Crypto and dreams...

    What if crypto is a bubble, and like those dreams that you have that you seem to have plenty of money, video games, etc., in the dream, when you wake up, you realize it was only a dream. Edit: I guess look up some videos of "The DogeCoin Millionare"? Moved to OT. Perknose Forum Director
  4. pete6032

    US investors what are you doing to protect yourself from inflation?

    Inflation is 6.8% right now and my savings account is paying less than 1%. Need to keep some funds liquid of course but I'm not ready to jump into the stock market. Are you guys buying CDs, treasury securities, what?
  5. ultimatebob

    Discussion It's time for our annual Bitcoin price prediction thread!

    We're coming up on December soon, so it's time to have another one of our annual Bitcoin price prediction threads. We didn't do one of these last year, but Arcadio won it in 2019. He won 100 Coolcoin... which he can't really spend on anything. I'll try making the prize better this year. Since...
  6. VirtualLarry

    "The problem with Crypto is, everything is unregulated".

    Crypto user/miner, on Reddit, buys something with Crypto, and then has buyer's remorse, and tries to "reverse" the transaction, by begging the other party for a refund. Welcome to hyper-capitalism / crypto world. Moved from Graphics Cards as it has nothing to do with them. admin allisolm
  7. VirtualLarry

    Could you live on $40 USD / day? (mining-related)

    What kind of a lifestyle would you lead? Could you afford rent? Or just be a "homeless wanderer" with a debit card? Beach bum? Public housing, that would pay the electric bill for your mining operation? (and cost you 30% of your income) Assume for the sake of argument that this is...
  8. V

    Discussion More bad news for the crypto Industry.

    Let's hope this will help us get rid of the plague of cryptocurrencies forever. See below link Cryptocurrency dealers face closure for failing UK money laundering test
  9. BFG10K

    The anti-crypto thread

    Great news, crypto's collapsing across the board: Also China's banned crypto, though individuals can still have it...
  10. VirtualLarry

    Well, this should put a damper on the "NFT craze". Further proof that Crypto is... intangible? Best buy real artworks, that you can actually hang on your wall. I had no idea that NFTs didn't actually store the data for the item IN...
  11. VirtualLarry

    Question Mining... is like a drug addiction... euphoria... and dispair...

    It's kind of like trying (*I imagine, have never done it) a "hard drug" for the first time. You see your video card, your CPU (less so), etc., MAKING MONEY, just RUNNING. It's kind of crazy, when you stop to think about it. I'm getting paid, for my computer time, remunerated, for investing in...
  12. ponyo

    Bitcoin. I need advice and help

    Yesterday events in the stock market really made me sad and depressed. Not because I lost bunch of money because I didn't. But because I no longer trust the game and the system I play in. I first opened my brokerage account as soon as I turned 18 many years ago and started trading individual...
  13. ultimatebob

    So, ATOT, what are you planning on spending the 3rd round of Coronabucks on?

    With Joe Biden pushing for another round of Coronavirus stimulus checks, I guess that now is a good time to think about how to spend that $1,400 if you happen to live in the US and aren't making over $100K a year. The last stimulus payment landed in my bank account in early January, so it just...
  14. B

    News Bitcoin Losses Near $200 Billion - Will GFX shipments improve?

    10% swings are just normal in crypto. Just because it's shockign to some traditional banking types doesn't mean it's a huge issue. Won't help mining because no one sane mined bitcoin with GPUs in 2020 or 2021. Also nation states making crypto illegal is simply due to remaining on control. It's...
  15. ultimatebob

    (Kinda Serious replies only) Sooo... when do you know when your cryptocurrency is worthless?

    I don't know about you guys, but I collected a few cryptocurrencies during the early Bitcoin boom that are now basically worthless. I'd imagine that a few other people here have as well. That said, I'm not sure if anyone ever officially developed a valuation model that says "Yep, that's now a...
  16. Noid

    bitcoin - investors Even after this news broke, its value over 15,000 Anyone invested , and why ?
  17. ponyo

    Wow. Bitcoin is almost $1,500

    and Ethereum is almost $80, up almost 900% this year. And the crazy thing is now you can actually buy things other than drugs with it.
  18. M

    Ethereum GPU mining?

    Has anyone here looked into mining Ethereum via GPU? It seems to be picking up steam these past 8 weeks ($1/coin to almost $6/coin today). The network hashrate has not followed the same uplift and current mining rate on an R9 280x would net more than $100/month in coins. I know mining...