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  1. S

    Solved! Problem after assembling my PC parts

    Hello everyone, I have an Asus Desktop G11CD-K PC (the K is for Kabylake version) wich i disassembled to clean all its parts (including Graphic card fan, its Processor, CPU fan and replacing its thermal paste, and also its front components). After cleaning, I assembled it correctly, but to be...
  2. D

    Question Surface Book 2 15" owners here? Do you experience Image retention / Screen Burn-in?

    Hi, Any Surface Book 2 15" owners here? Can you guys check whether your SB2 15" has a temporary screen burn-in like effect when the screen is exposed to displaying a static screen for some time (say 10 - 15 mins)? Refer here to get an idea of the issue...
  3. S

    External WD my book HD losing trasfer rate to zero

    I have WD My book 4tb external HD for few years. Suddenly it started losing transfer rate and down to 0. I have other WD drive, no issue. I tried on different laptop same problem. Transfer start with good rate than suddenly started going down.
  4. B

    New Ryzen build stability issues

    Hi guys, Just built my new Ryzen 5 1600 system and it's fast and all however I'm getting hangs and random BSODs with the system (even with settings on auto). Some of the errors include -kernel security check failure (Often - during computer startup / crashes) -DPC WATCHDOG VIOLATION...
  5. Ketchup

    Finding More and More Software that Doesn't Work with the 10 Upgrade

    So I have been pretty happy with a fresh install of Windows 10. Now the upgrade, that's a whole other story. With my desktop, it came when I tried to install Sling. It wouldn't install no matter what compatibility mode I chose, yet on a VM running Windows 10, no problems at all. Fast forward 6...
  6. S

    Modem/Router/Wifi questions

    Okay so to make a long story short I have 100 mbps Internet, and for whatever reason have trouble streaming 4K content. I had an older ISP provided modem/router combo... I've since replaced it with an Arris SBG6700-AC. I have a Sony Bravia X810C which is obviously a 4k TV which supports 2160p...