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    Question Transfering All Data from Old to New iPad

    I'm helping someone transfer everything from their existing 10.3.3 iPad to a new device. What's the best way to do that? I have a Win10 PC with iTunes installed.
  2. K

    Apple A11x Rumors.

    - 7nm : We Expected that, since the "X" series are now merely the pipe cleaner for A12. - 6 Core Graphics : Basically double of A11. Also the norm for X. Now the Interesting Part. 8 Core CPU - 3 High Perforamnce Core + 5 High Efficiency Core. Compared to A11 which is 2 HP Core + 4 HE Core I...
  3. #12!

    Suggestion: Stop listening to iOS/macOS -Android/Win whining, & 'review' gear!

    I'm sorry, don't wanna come across as a jerk, but as a lurking 'member' of Anandtech for many years - and a relatively quiet forum/comment participant... it's always sad reading your fantastic/in-depth reviews and 'deep dives' of ten or more pages --- and go to the comments to read the first...
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    Downloading video from the internet

    Is there any way I can download video from the internet directly to my ipad (or other app I can then send to photos). On a related note does anyone know any sites hosting royalty/copyright free video clips I could use in a school project with 10 year olds.